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Rudolph’s Nose~Cookie on a Stick


The plan was,  I was going to make Rudolph nose cookies (on a stick) for all of my munchkins when they were here at Thanksgiving, take a photo, post it here, and maybe even make it into a Christmas card.  That was the plan, but somehow when everyone converges on my home, many of my well-laid plans fly out the proverbial window. Of course I remembered my idea after 6/8 of the munchkins returned to Texas and Nevada:(  Sigh.

Now onto the easiest cookie on-a-stick ever…

I used a sugar cookie dough, rolled it out, grabbed a small (1.5-inch) biscuit cutter and went to town cutting out reindeer noses. I then inserted popsicle sticks and baked them. When cooled, they were iced using red (AmeriColor Super Red soft gel food paste) tinted royal icng.  While the icing was still wet I sprinkled on red decorating sugar. Let dry completely.  

That’s all there is to it! I told you it was easy~peasy:)

How cute would these Rudolph Nose cookies on-a-stick be for a party favor or photo-op? As you can see,  very cute!

Source: www.munchkinmunchies.com

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