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Petit Fours for Easter

RaeDi at Hummingbird Hollow

Petit Fours

Spring is in the air and this is the time of year when all things that have been dormant come back to life in full color.  What beautiful colors we see in the flowers, the blossomed trees and shrubbery.  Where ever you look there is such splendor.

Easter is the most sacred holiday of Christians; in fact it is what I consider the holiest day in our faith.  Easter is truly a day of new beginnings.  It is a day to celebrate life, but not just life, but everlasting life.  With my commitment in my faith, it gives me hope, through Jesus; we get to live, live for eternity. It was at this time that Jesus died on the cross; the blood He shed has cleaned me of my sins, the same for all Christians and those that accept Him into their lives as Lord and Savior.  He…

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Easter Decorating and Entertaining Ideas & Recipes | Taste of Home


Looking for Easter recipes? Pick Easter recipes and create your own menu featuring appetizers, Easter dinner recipes, side dishes, dessert recipes, and decorating and entertaining ideas for your Easter party.

Chocolate-Covered Eggs

Chocolate-Covered Eggs

These pretty little candies beat any store-bought variety hands down! They take some effort, but the look of delight on the faces of those who try them make every minute worth it.

Easter Menu & Recipes

Select a recipe in each of the categories below to create your own Easter menu.

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Valentine’s Day Recipes | Taste of Home

Need Valentine’s Day recipes? Get Valentine’s Day recipes for your next meal from Taste of Home. Taste of Home has Valentine’s Day recipes including Valentine’s Day appetizers, sides, dinners, and more Valentine’s Day recipes.

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